Our Services

  1. Product Design

We bring to life the client’s vision by studying, designing and creating customized packaging selections of the client.

We have many years of experience in the design and outsource manufacture of various special packages of a wide variety of dimensions.

We consult the client, we listen to his needs, we serve his vision with responsible and comprehensive proposals.

At the same time, we take care of the appearance of the package, the ergonomics, the hygiene, the safety of its transportation but also the economy at every stage of the process.

We create the final draft version of the product that is confirmed by the client before we proceed with implementation of our packaging order

  1. Pre-printing preparation

The process of preparing the product is critical for the quality of the colours in the printing stage.

In addition to the modern CTP, our outsourced manufacturing company Metron (Greece) has added the digital colour certified proof according to the Dogra 39L/ISO 12647 standard of GMG and the electronic package editing program.

  1. Printing and appearance of the package

With great responsibility we monitor the printing of the artwork on the cardboard, by our specialized staff, on the outsourced manufacture’s state-of-the-art printing machines, so that we get the result we designed and expect.

  1. Re-printing – additional processing

Right after the printing phase, additional treatments are carried out on the outside of the package that give prestige and luxury, protection and security, such as varnishes, lamination that stabilize the colors of the print, thermography (gold, silver, or another color), embossing, local gloss with UV varnish.

Special treatment is the "window" in various custom shapes, which allows the contents inside the box to be seen.

To ensure that the inside of the box is waterproof and to make it suitable for direct contact with food, where necessary, we use treatments such as lamination and metal coating.

  1. Package – distribution

As a business, we highlight the importance of safe protection by ensuring careful packaging for the transport of the boxes and storage at the customer's business. This is especially important in food packaging where this is necessary for the hygiene of the product. Products are packed in shrink plastic material and bigger boxes or in well-sealed cartons, so they are safe during transport and storage of the product.

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